Pipe Repair/Installation

Signs that it is time to Repipe
Loss of water pressure - is water flowing slower from taps? Does washing machine require more time to fill?
Water tastes bitter and/or has a strange colour.
You have galvanized pipes. These pipes will corrode over time (read more). Properties older than 30 years old will often contain galvanized piping.
Pinhole leaks. If you experience pinhold leaks with increase frequency, it may be due to corroded piping or low quality materials that were installed. Low-quality copper pipes will have a thinner composition and break down more easily.

Repiping is not a simple consideration and we understand that. There may be significant costs or downtime within the property.

Our mission at Black Bird Mechanical is to:

1) Only conduct this work when necessary - for health, safety and plumbing function reasons

2) Recommend and install only the best materials for the job (copper or PEX - polyethylene cross-linked tubing)

3) Only replace sections that require replacement

4) Cause minimum interruption to the homeowner or business

Repiping Consultation

Our trained Plumbers will assess your plumbing and make professional recommendations on whether you should consider full or partial repiping. We'll provide options on materials (new copper or PEX piping) and conduct the work within and agreed upon timeframe.

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