Back Water Valve Installation and Testing

I'm Worried About Sewer Backup What Should I Do?

Many homeowners in Calgary and Area have had the unfortunate experience of city sewage backup into their basements causing thousands in home damages (not to mention the disgusting clean up & smell).

Backflow Prevention assemblies are used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution. In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower etc. When pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is an unexpectedly high demand on the water system, then such reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the ground, from storage or from other sources to be drawn up into the system. The City of Calgary requires each backflow preventer to be tested annually by a certified cross-connection control specialist.

Back Flow Valve Consultation

Our trained Plumbers will assess your plumbing and make professional recommendations on whether you should consider repairing and tuning up to full replace.

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